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Entry #4

I am Level 9 now!

2013-12-28 20:35:41 by kikahats444

YAYAYAY!!!!!!!!  I got level 9!

It took me forever to get to  Level 9. Well I did get it anyway! Be happy. Be excited. Be PROUD! Be... INCREDIBLY PROUDLY EXCITED LOL.


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2013-12-28 20:55:05

Congrats. Since i have reached level 9, my life has changed :D Didnt level up since then because it just was so 1337. So i totally can understand your joy!!

kikahats444 responds:



2015-01-04 15:32:21

Vote more. Vote on 5 submissions every day and you'll get EXP every day. It's been a year. You could have been at level 15+ by now. :)