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I am Level 9 now!

2013-12-28 20:35:41 by kikahats444

YAYAYAY!!!!!!!!  I got level 9!

It took me forever to get to  Level 9. Well I did get it anyway! Be happy. Be excited. Be PROUD! Be... INCREDIBLY PROUDLY EXCITED LOL.


2012-12-27 22:30:04 by kikahats444

A nice idea gone horribly wrong

The idea to this Pick-A-Death game was a good one, killing Pikachu combined with a Tamagotchi, but you really did fuck it up, you should've drawn the Pikachu yourself rather than using a pasted image and you should've done much better with the blood, you just used red circles and it just looked really stupid and the sound was really awful too.


Worse than the first

You used the same style as the first for this one, but you didn't correct any of the mistakes you made in the original, instead you made it even worse, you should've drawn that Pikachu but once again you used a pasted image, the violence in this, while the blood looked better was worse and still looked really stupid, the 3 different ways in which you could kill Pikachu weren't fun at all, the sound in this was really really annoying, you could ahve done so much better than you did with the idea.



2012-12-27 16:33:12 by kikahats444



2011-03-24 20:42:38 by kikahats444